Wykorzystanie mostowego płata skórno-mięśniowego z powieki górnej w leczeniu bliznowatego podwinięcia powieki górnej
Autor: Mariusz Kęcik.

The Use of the Bridging Skin-muscular Flap from the Upper Eyelid in the Treatment of Cicatrical Entropion of the Upper Eyelid

Wydanie 1/2020
str. 15 – 17

Autor: Mariusz Kęcik 1,2

1 Katedra i Klinika Okulistyki Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Dariusz Kęcik
2 ProFeelMed w Warszawie
Kierownik: dr n. med. Mariusz Kęcik

Summary: The scarred folding of the upper eyelid is associated with contraction of tissues in the healing process after injury causing the rotation of the eyelash in a horizontal plane towards the eyeball. Constant irritation of the eyeball leads to inflammatory processes of the conjunctiva and cornea leading to poor vision. Treatment in these cases requires surgery. The time from injury to its implementation depends on the degree of collapse and also on the cause.

In case of a burn with lye, patients are qualified for surgery after a period of 1–1.5 years due to the long-lasting inflammatory process in the tissues compared to other traumatic factors.

The author in his work presented the results of surgery in 17 people with a scar collapse of lower eyelid as a result of burns with lye and sulphuric acid. Patients were subjected to the method of raising the eyelid anterior lamella dissected in the form of a skin-muscular bridge flap. A good treatment effect was obtained in 16 people. In contrast, 2 patients had an aesthetic complication in the form of eyelash prolapse.