ReLEx SMILE – metoda laserowej korekcji wad wzroku nowej generacji
Autorzy: Barbara Czarnota-Nowakowska, Katarzyna Skonieczna, Estera Igras

ReLEx SMILE as a New Generation Method for Laser Vision Correction

Wydanie 1/2018
str. 29 – 33

Autorzy: Barbara Czarnota-Nowakowska 1 , Katarzyna Skonieczna 2 , Estera Igras 3

1 Klinika Okulistyczna Optegra w Poznaniu 2 Klinika Okulistyczna Optegra w Warszawie 3 Klinika Okulistyczna Optegra w Szczecinie Dyrektor medyczny ośrodków: dr. n. med. Jolanta Oficjalska


Purpose: The aim of this paper is to present a new generation of laser vision correction – ReLEx SMILE (Small-incision lenticule extraction).

Material and Methods: An extensive literature search was conducted for the years 2008–2017 through the PubMed. The papers describing techniques, results, predictability, outcome, safety, and complications of ReLEx SMILE were identified and summarized in this review paper.

Results: ReLEx SMILE procedure is an effective and safe method in the myopia and myopic astigmatism treatment. The procedure, compared with the other types of laser refractive surgery like femtoLASIK, gives better biomechanical stability, less dry eye syndrome and less induction of higher-order aberrations postoperatively.

Conclusions: In a short time ReLEx SMILE procedure became one of the leading methods of myopia and myopic astigmatism correction.