Niezadowolenie pacjentów z efektów operacji usunięcia zaćmy i wymiany refrakcyjnej soczewki. Wygórowane oczekiwania czy błędy w postępowaniu lekarskim?
Author: Wojciech Kołodziejczyk.

Patient Dissatisfaction with the Results of Cataract Surgery and Refractive Lens Exchange. Unrealistic Expectations or Medical Malpractice?

Wydanie 1/2023
str. 23 – 25

Autor: Wojciech Kołodziejczyk1,2

  1. Centrum Mikrochirurgii Oka Laser w Warszawie
  2. Uczelnia Łazarskiego w Warszawie


Technological progress and widespread staff education in lens surgery in recent years have shortened time of the surgery and improved clinical outcomes. The use of precise biometry and new surgical techniques allows cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange procedures to be performed in a predictable and safe manner. However, there are still people who are dissatisfied with the results of surgery. In an era when patients strive for continuous improvement in beauty and quality of life, their demands are constantly increasing, are often unrealistic, and can lead to confusion and disappointment. What are the causes of patient dissatisfaction? To what extent are excessive demands behind the disappointment, and to what extent are medical malpractice?