Wpływ przewlekłego zapalenia brzegów powiek spowodowanego nużeńcem na powstawanie zespołu suchego oka i jego przebieg.
Authors: Sławomir Lis, Magdalena Kucharczyk-Pośpiech.

Influence of Blepharitis Caused by Demodex on Dry Eye Syndrome.

Wydanie 3/2021
str. 31 – 33

Autorzy: Sławomir Lis, Magdalena Kucharczyk-Pośpiech.

I Katedra i Klinika Chorób Oczu Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Łodzi
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Wojciech Omulecki


Chronic eyelid margin inflammation caused by Demodex folliculorum and dry eye syndrome are diseases that cannot be considered separately. A review of the studies described in the literature shows a close correlation of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome with the presence of Demodex. There is a common term dry eye blepharitis syndrome and indicates a reduction in dry eye symptoms after treatment for Demodex infection. The authors emphasize that in the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome, Demodex mites should always be included as one of the causes, as it is known to contribute to the dysfunction of the Meibomian glands – the most common risk factor for dry eye syndrome. Some articles also highlight the coexistence of infection with this parasite and bacteria that lead to eyelid margin inflammation and consequently, damage to the tear film and dry eye syndrome presence.