Frakcyjna budowa filmu łzowego.
Author: Piotr A. Woźniak.

Fractional Structure of the Tear Film.

Wydanie 3/2021
str. 11 – 13

Autor: Piotr A. Woźniak.

Centrum Okulistyczne Vidium Medica w Warszawie
Ośrodek Medyczny Służby Zagranicznej MSZ w Warszawie


The tear film is composed of aqueous-mucin and lipid fractions. Their role involves protecting the eye against infections, lubricating the eye surface and ensuring proper oxygen transport. Furthermore, the tear film determines the optical properties of the cornea. It is produced at 1.5–2 mL per day. However, with eye irritation, its production can even increase 100-fold. The tear film is released to the conjunctival sac and spread across the ocular surface with blinking. It plays a key role in the refractive system of the eye. Decreased expression of aqueous-mucin or lipid fraction causes infectious and non-infectious complications as well as dry eye syndrome.