Wydanie 3/2016
str. 42 - 49

Wyniki zabiegu implantacji zastawki Ahmeda w skojarzeniu z terapią anty-VEGF jako metody chirurgicznego leczenia jaskry neowaskularnej

Results of Ahmed Valve Implantation with Adjuvant Anti-VEGF Therapy in Surgical Treatment of Neovascular Glaucoma

Dorota Pożarowska, Tomasz Żarnowski

Klinika Diagnostyki i Mikrochirurgii Jaskry Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Lublinie
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Tomasz Żarnowski

Summary: Neovascular glaucoma is a severe and refractory condition with poor prognosis. It usually develops as a complication of tissues ischemia. For adequate intraocular pressure control in eyes with neovascularization surgical procedures such as glaucoma drainage devices implantation are proposed. It is thought that success of this kind of treatment may be enhanced by additional use of anti-VEGF agents.
Aim of the study: The aim if this study is a retrospective analysis of Ahmed Valve implantation with adjuvant anti-VEGF therapy in neovascular glaucoma treatment.
Material and methods: 44 eyes of 44 patients were enrolled to this study. In 24 eyes anti-VEGF injection to the anterior chamber before Ahmed valve implantation was administered. 20 eyes non treated with anti-VEGF therapy served as a control group.
Results: In all eyes significant intraocular pressure reduction was obtained. No statistically significant differences was observed in following partameters: intraocular pressure values, logMAR best corrected visual acuity, number of antiglaucoma medications and percentage of cumulative success between observed group. In group treated preoperatively with anti-VEGF therapy lower frequency of intracameral bleeding was found.
Conclusion: Anti-VEGF therapy use as an adjuvant to Ahmed valve implantation may decrease the incidence of postoperative bleeding in eyes with neovascular glaucoma.

Słowa kluczowe: jaskra neowaskularna (JNV), chirurgia jaskry, zastawka Ahmeda, śródbłonkowy czynnik wzrostu naczyń (VEGF), terapia anty-VEGF.

Keywords: neovascular glaucoma (NVG), glaucoma surgery, Ahmed valve, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), anti-VEGF therapy.