Wydanie 1/2013
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Wpływ spożycia alkoholu na tętno gałkowe – analiza spektralna

Influence of Alcohol Consumption on the Ocular Pulse – Spectral Analysis

Małgorzata A. Kowalska, Monika E. Danielewska

Zespół Optyki Widzenia Instytutu Fizyki Politechniki Wrocławskiej
Kierownik: prof. dr hab. inż. Henryk Kasprzak

Summary: Purpose: The aim of this paper was to investigate the influence of alcohol consumption on intraocular pressure and ocular pulse.
Material and Methods: Control group (7 healthy patients without any eye and cardiovascular pathology) participated in this study. Four doses of 40% alcohol (50 ml each dose) were consumed by each subject at regular time intervals of 2 hours. Before and after consumption of one alcohol dose, measurements of the following factors were taken: intraocular pressure of both eyes, blood pressure (systolic, diastolic) and longitudinal corneal apex displacements using an innovative and noninvasive ultrasound distance sensor. Synchronically with the longitudinal corneal apex displacements, blood pulse and ECG signals were registered with pulseoximeter and in a standard three lead system (Einthoven triangle), respectively.
Results: All registered signals were numerically processed using spectral methods. It is observed that fundamental frequency related to the heart rate appears in all considered signals spectra. Across the subjects, significant correlation was found between the alcohol consumption and reduction in intraocular pressure values (p = 0.0058). Based on the signals spectra, it was noticed that the decrease in intraocular pressure value corresponds to the increase in longitudinal corneal velocity, as well as to amplitudes of longitudinal corneal apex displacements.
Conclusions: The results revealed that the alcohol consumption influence on the ocular pulse phenomenon by reducing intraocular pressure value. We hope that such analysis might bring more information about the process of pressure pulse propagation in the human eye and lead to better understanding the ocular pulse phenomenon. The proposed ultrasonic method of corneal pulsation’s measurement can be useful in the future in creating noninvasive method of intraocular pressure measurement.

Słowa kluczowe: tętno gałkowe, ciśnienie wewnątrzgałkowe – IOP, alkohol, analiza spektralna.

Keywords: ocular pulse, intraocular pressure – IOP, alcohol, spectral analysis.