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Wyzwania w aplikacji soczewek kontaktowych nastolatkom

Challenges of fitting teenagers with contact lenses

Christina N. Grupcheva

Abstrakt – VIII Sympozjum Sekcji Soczewek Kontaktowych PTO (7–9 październik 2011)
Abstract – VIII National Ophthalmology Congress in Warsaw (7–9 October 2011)

Summary: Teenagers could be the most challenging contact lens patients because they are demanding, unpredictable and often are with poor hygiene habits. However, teenagers hate glasses and they are motivated to change their looks. For teenagers academic performance, activities ( including sports), and self-confidence and satisfaction appear to be the most important gains.
When teens are fitted several questions are crucial including: “Is the teen old enough? Does gender matters? What type of activity the teen will perform? Can ECP predict the compliance and judge on the looks?”. Very importantly fitting teenagers is trilateral process and one should consider the role of the parent with their own experience and opinion, and their power to encourage and discourage the teen.
When fitting teenagers several important lens characteristics should be considered. Perhaps lens optics should be attempting full correction of low order aberrations, which are crucial for good vision of still developing organism. There is no doubt that silicone-hydrogen materials and frequent replacement is the best option for teens, considering longer wearing times and “accidental” sleep in lenses. However, special attention to lens modality should be paid during all visits in order to develop healthy habits.
Education of teens has some specifics. Regular examinations should be teenager’s responsibility. Special attention should be devoted to the procedures in the office and personal example plays crucial role. Last is most valid for hygiene, staring with washing hands and proper actions regarding lens insertion, removal and care. Most of the time involvement of the parent(s) is very helpful. ECP should not forget that in electronic era, teenagers enjoy electronic reminders and applications.
Several cases will demonstrate the “healthy teen approach” in contact lens fitting in order to highlight that fitting teenagers is simple but requires special interaction techniques, involvement of the parents and emphasis on hygiene.
Contact lenses can really change teen’s life….