Wydanie 4/2008

Soczewki kontaktowe w opinii użytkowników soczewek miesięcznej wymiany

Understanding Lens Performance from Wearers of Monthly Replacement Contact Lenses

Jeanne Frangie, Silja Schiller, Lisa Ann Hill

Jeanne Frangie ? wicedyrektor w Galileo Business Consulting we Francji Silja Schiller ? kierownik marketingu w Johnson & Johnson Vision Care na Europę, Środkowy Wschód i Afrykę Lisa Ann Hill ? dyrektor marki ACUVUE? w Johnson & Johnson Vision Care na Europę, Środkowy Wschód i Afrykę

Summary: Monthly replacement soft lenses have dominated the UK contact lens market over the last decade. Authors look at the experiences of monthly lens wearers and what motivates them to upgrade to better performing lenses. Much has been written on the subject of contact lenses with shorter replacement schedules and their potential benefits for patients both in comfort terms and as a more healthy way to wear lenses. And yet despite the growing popularity of daily disposable and two weekly lenses in recent years, monthly replacement still accounts for around half of soft lens fittings in the UK. Asking monthly users which week of the month, in general, they start to notice that their lenses become uncomfortable, more than nine out of 10 (95%) say that they become aware of discomfort in weeks three and four. This survey has demonstrated the desire of monthly replacement wearers for contact lenses that offer improved comfort and ocular health. Neither the requirement to replace lenses more frequently, nor cost, are barriers to patient interest in purchasing products with better performance. Monthly replacement wearers have a desire for information and advice, which is not always fully met. These patients value a proactive approach to contact lens innovations from their practitioner and practices can benefit as a result.